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A working manual on Ayurveda
Enhance your wisdom and take your practice to the next level


Diseases explained with Description , Etiology, Clinical features, diagnosis and Ayurvedic Treatment comprehensively explained under 10 departments ( Kayachikitsa , Kaumarabrithya, Manasa roga, Salakya tantra, Salya tantra, Agada tantra, Female & male infertility)


Ayurveda Medicines explained with ingredients, Indications, Anupana, Dosage, Reference, and Expert Opinion on clinical utility


The biggest database on all Panchakarma and Keraleeya special procedures with condition wise medicines, treatment of complications, 60+ Sweda yogas , 50+ Vasti yogas, Netra kriyakramas, Snehana, Swedana, Vamana , Virechana, vasti, Uttara vasti , Nasya , Takra dhara, Siro dhra, Thalam etc.

Lab Investigations

Laboratory Investigations in various panels explained with Normal range& test units, Clinical significance, when to get tested, Elevated levels & decreased levels


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Bhishak offers more details regarding the diseases. Detailed description, etiology, types, investigation and treatments. Download the app to enjoy the full set of features


Bhishak is a complete companion for Ayurvedic Practitioners and Students.

“I certainly feel this application is one of its kind...with a huge data base of this sort is very much helpful in clinical practice for junior vaidyas especially... sharing info about various Kerala ayurveda practice might be an highlight ... A ready reckoner for Ayurvedic clinical practice ... Appreciating this unique effort of team CEET...”

Suhas Manjunath
Ayurveda Doctor

“Very useful app for upcoming ayurveda doctors (especially)and for all junior and senior ayurvedians. Almost all the commonly used formulations, investigations etc all in just one app.Very helpful tips and notes for clinical practice.”

Keerthi Ks
Ayurveda Doctor

“Great app for students as well as practitioners.give quick reference of formulations,diseases, medicine , procedures,investigations and much more..Hatts off.. to the enitre Ceet team for this innovative efforts”

Arya Nair
Ayurveda Doctor

“Far beyond expectations.A "must have" app for both Ayurveda scholars and practitioners.Excellent compilation of clinical recommendations and classical references. Practically beneficial.You will never be disappointed..”

Smitha Aswin
Ayurveda Doctor

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